Now it has happened. I’m publishing my first blog post. Although I’m curious and interested in new digital media I’m usually not very active and participative. I rather observe than talk.

This blog is mandatory in the course Open Networked Learning, hence my title of this blog. Of cause, I’m voluntarily taking this coarse since the possibilities of the digital media for teaching interests me. Novel innovative teaching activities enabled by the digital technology could revolutionate education. I strongly believe that traditional lecturing, also in video format by experts in their fields cannot be replaced but the possibilities to renew and compliment these by digital technologies might have a strong possibility. However, without the basic knowledge in how to interact with the students via this new and often unintuitive medium there is a large risk for total failure.

I’m already using the infrastructure provided by KTH for digitally interacting with my students in particularly my project course in computational fluid dynamics. The tools are used for communicating and information, but not for teaching activities. I’m very interested to see the possibilities to extend my course also with digital teaching moments. That would be awesome.


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